What Therapeutic Massage

can do for you

Alleviate low-back pain, improve range of motion

Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow

Exercise and stretch weak, tight muscles

Relax and soften injured, tired, overused muscles

Increase joint flexibility, reduce spasms and cramping

Lessen depression and anxiety, increase productivity

Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and organs, Improving circulation

Release endorphins, the body's natural painkiller


Relieve migraine pain


23 Clinton Street, Homer, NY 

 75 East Court Street

Cortland, NY 13045


(315) 559-7370



Jeannine  loves to help people reduce stress and develop a sense of well being in their lives. A graduate of The Finger Lakes School of Massage, she is also trained in Educational Kinesiolgy for Mind-Body Integration and attuned in the Usui Reiki system. Jeannine's clients enjoy her approach to bodywork and report that their physical complaints are addressed in a way that is precise and specific within the context of an over-all relaxing massage. 

Contact Jeannine at 315-559-2595 or email her at heartscontentyoga@gmail.com

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"I was transported to another dimension, and Jeannine knows how to zero in on the trouble spots without upsetting the tranquility. Highly recommended!" -Nancy D.

"Jeannine provided one of the most satisfying, relaxing massages I've had to date. A master at her craft and highly intuitive. I usually experience mild muscle pain in the 24 hours after a massage but not this time. I felt relaxed and refreshed and pain-free." -Maria