Svaroopa® yoga Therapy

Using the principals of Svaroopa® Yoga, poses, adjustments and alignments are chosen to specifically meet your body's needs. You will be moved into and supported in poses that allow your body to release deep long held tensions to bring you out of pain and into recovery. There is no efforting, only a softening and surrender that leads to profound openings and healing. 


An extraordinary gentle hands-on healing technique based on the principles of Svaroopa® Yoga. Embodyment works on many levels to reduce pain, anxiety and stress, as well as to help quiet your mind. Each session promotes a softening of the deep tensions in the muscles connected to your spine and provides profound relaxation, allowing your body to access its innate healing ability. This is done while you lay in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose.    

Overlap Healing 

Progressive embodyment sessions that overlap to provide fast and powerful healing. A focused and intensive approach recommended for conditions or problems that need accelerated and maximum healing. The results of each concentrated session are cumulative providing deep and rapid change, healing and transformation.


​$50 per individual session

$45 for a series of 5 or more sessions​

WHAT Svaroopa ® yoga therapy 

can do FOR YOU

Relieve chronic and acute back pain


Release neck and shoulder tension

Improve digestion and elimination

Increase energy, vitality and mental clarity

Open and improve breathing

Aid in meditation and self awareness

Dissolve mental and emotional patterns

Gain restful sleep


Deepen your personal practice

Great for sciatica, scoliosis, TMJ, chronic fatigue


"After the first Embodyment session with Liane I found that the tenseness in my back eased and the pain was a lot less. Several sessions later the pain I have been dealing with is gone most of the time. My back hasn't felt this good in years. I can now stand straight with my shoulders back, walk longer distances and am sleeping better. My mental attitude has changed to the point where I can expect more of myself physically and even hope in the near future to be back on the golf course." - Bill W.

"My back feels fantastic. What ever you are doing, it works! I am more relaxed and have more energy. I'm more aware of my body and how stress affects it. The pain used to be 2-3 in the morning, rising to 8 by the afternoon. Now if there is any pain, it is a 1. I will always be grateful to Liane" - Barbara M.

Liane Bracciale, brings the healing power of Svaroopa®Yoga to Pure & Simple Yoga & Healing offering individual therapeutic sessions and several weekly yoga classesSvaroopa's ® greatest gift to yoga is its focus on core opening and release, designed to reach the deepest layers of tension in the body, the musculature along the spine. The experience of spinal release allows you to live in your body in a relaxed and easy way while bringing about increased strength and stamina, flexibility, greater mobility and improved posture. ​Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy deepens this spinal release and facilitates profound changes and healing in the body.

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Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy      

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